~Who are these people again?~

The Main Characters...

EAT YOUR BRAIN Zar is the main character, or so she thinks, of the strip, which is kind of why it's named after her (although me being unable to think of another name for it is also probably a factor). She's a fox, Alix and Chrisodeo's sister, and she loves games. She and Alix have played games since they could read. She's also a complete DDR freak which drives her brothers nuts.

Zar is easily entertained by horrible things, and thus tailormade for finding amusement on the internet. She often scars her brothers with the horrors that she finds, most of which glances off of her like water off a duck's back.

Zar also has something of an exoskeleton (pupated at age three), which makes it impossible for anyone to ever have sex with her. She's also missing half her reproductive system, and it's kind of a stroke of luck that she has as many sexual characteristics as she does. Her low hormone level means she has no sexual attraction fer anyone ever.

Zar writes and draws slash which her brothers purposely ignore so in the end that really works out for everyone. She wears a purple shirt but it's so long it's more like a dress. It is, however, NOT A DRESS.

Zarla is also the pseudonym for the creator and writer of the strip. Since this isn't confusing enough. Her font is Zag.

Super Alix Ball!Alix is Zarla's younger brother and a wolf. A little green wolf. Yeah. They do almost everythin together and they're best friends, despite all of the arguments they get into. He loves Fallout and also Bjork. Shhh.

Alix generally doesn't tolerate a great deal of nonsense unless it's from his sister or his friends. He suffers from an almost crippling social paranoia and anxiety which gives Zar ample opportunity to embarass him.

On the side, Alix works part-time as the Shaper of the Universe, which is big money big money no whammy STOP. He's abnormally short compared to others his age, but since his friends all seem to match his size (bizarre anomaly out of space?) it doesn't really affect him that much. His shirt says "Death to Mushbooms" on it and he wears a necklace with a Libra sign on it, because obviously he's a Pisces. His font is BigMisterC.

Chrisodeo. Chrisodeo is Zarla and Alix's older brother (by about seven years) and a raccoon. He is very serious business about everything. He likes games too but doesn't like to play with Zar or Alix, cause Zar and Alix's dorky antics do not amuse him. They both hero-worship him terribly.

While he would never express his feelings verbally or with any kind of facial expression, he will leap as required (imagined or not) to his family's defense. Chrisodeo cares for both of his stupid siblings even tho he never says so outloud. Even when you think he isn't watching, Chrisodeo usually has one eye on them to make sure they aren't doing something stupid AND permanently damaging.

Chrisodeo can do some amazing cool stuff cause he's so awesome, although he doesn't show it often. He's in love with Serenity, his girlfriend, and they've been together for years and years. He's really tall, never takes off his sunglasses or trenchcoat, and never shows any emotion. His font is Creepygirl.

Sheena ZarlazaSheena is Zar's cousin (on her mom's side) and one of her bestest friends since they was little. They have many antics together. She is also a fantastically amazing artist, so much so that she should eat France. She's purple, provin any color in the visible spectrum is viable here and she's a puma.

You may wonder, how can a puma be related to a fox? to which I answer, how can a fox be related to both a wolf and a raccoon at the same time? SHOWED YOU THERE, DIDN'T I?

She and Zar often play DDR together since almost no one else will.

Her font is Cobb.

And their friends...

Soshika Lypha. MY PANCREAS! Soshi is Zar's roommate (if we wanna be consistent with the plotline that I started before that went totally nowhere and was completely forgotten in a strip) and one of her closest friends. She does all kind of crazy cool stuff that's so crazy if I told you, your head would pop from the sheer don't stop of it all. Pop til you don't stop, which would be a lot of poppage, let me tell you. Why, when I was your age

She's a Hekshanian, which is an alien. Not a furry. AN ALIEN. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. ARE YOU LISTENING?

She's all crazy and stuff but not as much as some of the people that wander this crazy crazy place we dare call life. Cue rain and rose. FUNKMEISTER S-SHI YO

Her font is Chiller.

Myk Myk's a hedgehog with whacked-out spikes that go ALL OVER, includin into each other and in opposite directions. No one really knows why cause other hedgehogs don't have that problem, but what the heck. Who really cares, when you get right down to it? Maybe someday Myk will have some weird health probs related to it and have to get an operation, but someday never comes.

Anyway, he's got three scars runnin down his face from someone he pushed a little too far some time ago. He wears a green shirt with the words "Final Fantasy 7" on em and jeans. He's one of Alix's best friends.

Myk likes to break things. Most people stay away from him. He's generally kind of mean and works with Alix part-time as Destroyer of the Universe. He doesn't like Gintara very much, but they do tolerate each other most of the time. Myk's font is MousePut.

Gintara's a mouse and Alix's other best friend. That green wolf is just so popular. Gintara He wears a grey shirt that says "NYC (New Yahk City)" on it. It's unknown as to whether or not Gintara ever actually went to NYC or if in fact NYC exists at all. His shirt is very mysterious.

Things tend to break or explode around him, tho not in the same way they do around Myk. It's like he's got some crazy field of "BREAKAGE" around him at all times, which is another reason why he and Myk are typically avoided.

Gintara is also somewhat socially awkward, but on a whole different scale than Alix. Gintara has the amazing and fantastic ability to say the most awkward thing possible at the worst time possible. This is almost painful at times. His friends tolerate it, but it can be jarring to those unfamiliar with him. Gintara has NO IDEA that he says these things and doesn't intend to hurt or embarass people in the process.

He also works part-time with Alix and Myk as the Creator of the Universe. Gintara's scared of Myk usually and with good reason cause Myk's spikes are really really sharp. Recently he's taken on the job full-time, so Alix and his friends don't see him as often as they used to. Gintara's font is Flimsy Stave.

Bryce and Peetor DESTROYER OF WORLDS (or Pete) are more commonly known as just The Twins. They're rarely ever seen apart, mostly cause they use that to their advantage. Yet again, two more friends of Alix's who is just SO AMAZINGLY POPULAR OMG, Bryce and Pete provide a very odd force to their strange friendship quadrangle. I'm sorry, I have no idea what I'm talking about. Bryce and Pete Okay, let me try this again. Okay. Bryce and Pete are identical twins and iguanas. Pete's the one with glasses. Bryce and Pete have spent the majority of their lives beating the living heck out of eachother, including such episodes of the pogostick down the stairs, the wrestling match on the trampoline that ended up with Bryce breaking an arm and Pete chipping a tooth, the meat tenderizer (which, by the way, leaves some amazingly painful bruises), the paintball gun from five feet away (for ten bucks!), and other such incidents that make normal people wince uncontrollably. Because of this, Bryce and Pete don't even really feel pain anymore, which just leaves them open to inflict more pain on eachother. Go fig. The two of them of course are gamers (who isn't these days?) and specialize in finding glitches, bugs, or cheats in games and exploiting them as much as possible.

In terms of personality, Peter and Bryce are rather different. Pete tends to be a jerk and has no qualms about making this abundantly clear as soon as you meet him. A vegetarian and something of a racist/species-ist, Pete can be extremely hard to get along with if you don't know him. Thankfully, Alix, Myk, and Gintara have known Pete for years upon years, so this general jerkitude does not bother them. Mostly.

Bryce is more laid-back and mellow and generally the more pleasant twin to be around. Bryce actually isn't a jerk to anyone and gets along fairly easily with others. He's also rather slow to rile, although Pete, of course, knows the quickest and most effective way to drive Bryce crazy.

Bryce's shirt reads "Bagman" and Pete's reads "I'm Always Right." They also got in with Alix on the whole part-time madness, altho their jobs aren't nearly as sweet as being Shaper, Creator, or Destroyer. They only moonlight (haw haw) as the Moon and the Sun. Their font is Westminster.

Serenity Serenity is a siamese cat and Chrisodeo's girlfriend. She's been with him fer years and years and is actually technically older then he is. She's very nice to other people and loves to make stuff. She also likes organizing big things like outings or stuff like that. She's sweet and friendly to other people and, somewhat ironically, is much the opposite of Chrisodeo. She likes games as well as he does and their interests mesh a lot. Her font is PR Celtic Narrow.

Greg Greg is a goat and Chrisodeo's best friend. They've been together since they were kids and in fact even before Zar and Alix were born. Greg isn't as emotionless as Chrisodeo but he makes up for it in cynicism and sarcasm. Greg and Chrisodeo both like games and hang out together all the time. Their thoughts and interests mesh a lot, and the two of them can spend hours playing games or tearing apart things they don't like together.

Greg also plays Bass Guitar for a band. He loves to eat and he's kinda heavy but his coat hides it most of the time. He's got a buncha earrings, a nose ring, and a goatee. His font is Vargas.

And the Others...

Ashido Tetrisu Ashido is a raccoon (who, surprisingly enough, is NOT related to Zar) and a big gaming dork/geek/nerd in every way. He's covered with fleas, ticks, and various other parasites, he's dirty, and he can't hold a conversation for two seconds without talkin about some game. Even his wings are neglected and lost all their feathers and are also infested with all sorts of kinds of hideous parasitic life, and is also an albino. He's scared of water, perpetually itchy, completely oblivious to how he looks, and he's gay. Oh yeah, and sometimes he can be reeeeeeeeally sarcastic, but not usually. That's what's called "flippin the sarcasm switch". Or at least that's what he calls it. His font is Commodore64.

Space Pony

Name: Space Pony

Species: A Pony of Space. And just for the record, a dead sexy pony of space. A sexy sexy pony, that Space Pony is. That sexy, sexy, dead sexy pony of space.

A Pathetic Excuse for a Background: Space Pony once was very smart. Then he decided being smart was boring. So he went insane. This is why, in the midst of his incoherent gibberish, he will quote Shakespeare. Thus is the way with those too-sexy Space Ponies.

His font is Earthbound.

Tom the Miscellaneous Cat Guy

Tom the Miscellaneous Cat Guy is the cat that shows up whenever I don't wanna use a character more then once. He changes clothes, genders, personalities, names, and job occupations. Generally, he's white with brown hair. He's everywhere doin everythin to borrow a quote from Legend of Mana. His font is Times New Roman.

Petite Petite's a skunk and a bigot. She hates absolutely everyone, including you. She lost her eye when she insulted the wrong person. She hates everyone from any other kind of species with little or any explanation. She has no friends and apparently doesn't want any. She goes out of her way to insult, hurt, or mock peeps that are different from her, altho it's guessed this could be cause she hates herself. No one cares enough to find out. Her font is Surfer.

Crystal Crystal is a Pumox, a half-breed of fox and puma. She's a remnant from my teenie melodrama rp days and was Zar's daughter before I realized that was stupid and changed my mind and retconned her out of existence. As Alix once said, she usually only shows up for a cheap gag. Most of the time she doesn't exist and if she does she's a baby.

Crystal hates Zarla and her family intensely and spends most of her time doing drugs with her friend Jasper. Her font is Violation.

Xam Xam's a flying squirrel and a very angry one at that. Her ears are pierced so many times ya can't see any flesh under em and she wears a huge amount of necklaces along with spiked bracelets on her wrists and ankles. Her tail has been tye-dyed various colors. She usually wears khaki shorts, a white shirt, prescription sunglasses, and a very angry expression. I use Xam instead of Zar in certain situations that involve my necklaces, although in personality me and Xam aren't that similar at all. She swears excessively. She doesn't like or use sarcasm, preferrin to shout obscenities and use physical violence. She has no patience. Her font is Bradley Hand ITC.

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